Canada 2016


The perks of having family all around the world is that it gives you another excuse to travel! In this trip, I decided to make a trip across the pond to Toronto, Canada to visit family and to see what Toronto has to offer. It was the first time I was going to visit this country and I could not contain my excitement due to the agenda we had planned during my stay there. Obviously I won’t share too many details yet of what we got up to, I will save those for the upcoming blogs, so make sure you keep an eye out for them! 😉

Plane ride to toronto

I flew to Toronto Pearson International Airport from London Gatwick airport. For this trip, Air Transat was the airplane I travelled with in a total flight time of around 7 hours. The flight was smooth and all the air hostess were very helpful in tending to their passengers. I would highly recommend Air Transat since they do very good airfare deals every now and they currently travel around major cities in Canada such as Quebec, Montreal, British Columbia, and many more so make sure you check them out whenever you are thinking of visiting Canada soon.

What I was looking forward to most about this trip was finally getting to see my family who I have not seen in many years or some I don’t think i’ve ever met before until when I came over to visit them. Yes guys, I do have a big family so i’ve not met some of them because they all moved abroad from the Philippines like we did when I was young or even before I was born. Besides seeing them, I was so stoked to learn about Canada, their culture, their cuisines, their communities, and their landmarks! Join me as we explore the city of Toronto and its surrounding areas.


Photo credits goes to Uncle Redd Ochoa for the always amazing photography.

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