Lanikai summit


Oh what a beautiful day that was spent over on the other side of the island of Oahu; Lanikai. It took me, my cousin Jett, and our friend Dustin around 30-35 minutes to get to Lanikai from Honolulu. We left our houses at around 4am in the morning to get the chance to witness sunrise at the top of Lanikai Pillbox which we hiked. We got to Lanikai at around just before 5am and started our 35 minute hike up to Lanikai Pillbox. I would say that this hike would be for people in between the beginner to intermediate level of hiking experience since there are some steep hills you need to climb in order to get higher up ground.

lanikai steep

Not gonna lie the picture above is probably the most challenging part of the trail since when it is too dry, this steep hill can get quite slippery from all the dust that it collects so make sure to wear suitable footwear with great grip, they will be of great use in this hike for sure! Apart from this part of the trail, on the way up is quite straight forward so nothing to worry about after. Once you have passed through this steep hill, you will have around 15-25 more minutes before reaching the top depending on how fast you climb up as well so. I would highly recommend to do this hike with a group of friends or family since it is a pretty cool experience getting up there with amazing views! And just in case you may need some assistance in parts of the trail, then at least you have someone there to help you! 😉

Finally after around half an hour of hiking up this trail, we made it to the top!

Lanikai summit

lanikai views

There we were greeted by these stunning views! After completing these types of hikes, you cannot help but feel blessed to be able to witness one of natures finest scenic views in the world! We got to the summit of the hike at around 5:30am but unfortunately, due to the thick clouds at the time, we didn’t get to see the sunrise we were expecting. Even though we didn’t get to see a proper sunrise, the trip to Lanikai was definitely worth it! Going there really established as to why Hawaii really is “paradise”.

Lanikai pillbox

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