lanikai beach park

Lanikai Beach Vibing in Paradise

Aloha! Welcome to another blog post, so today i’ll be blogging about one of the best beaches in the island of Oahu; Lanikai! It is located on the other side of the island about 30-40 mins drive from Honolulu international airport. Next to Lanikai beach is also the pillboxes on top of the mountain where you can hike and see the spectacular views of the beach. I wrote about it on my previous blog so go check it out if interested in hiking whilst in Oahu.

Lanikai is a Hawaiian word meaning the “heavenly seas” and that meaning truly did not disappoint once we reached the beach. In some areas of this beach there are parking spaces available but some opt to park on the side of the nearby houses so that they can enter from the side walks into the beach which was what we did.

lanikai sidewalk

It was a beautiful and calm morning in Hawaii and it was perfect for a beach day.

lanikai waters

The cool and serene waters was something so delightful to the soul. We actually don’t get to see many of these wonderful sights in the UK or anywhere else in the world! We found ourselves a place where we can put our things down so we can chill and just enjoy the beach itself. My cousin bought some food over and brought his beach chair for us to sit on along with a cooler containing many ice cold drinks such as the Aloha Maid Natural drinks. Guys this drink is a must try! They have flavours such as passion orange, pineapple orange, and guava which is by far my most favourite flavoured drink from the Aloha Maid Natural drinks brand. They can be bought in packs in nearly all supermarkets around Hawaii so definitely try those out, not only will it introduce you to some of different types of flavours but it will also enhance your Hawaiian travelling experience.

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