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This is one of or if not the most amazing place I have ever been to and when other travellers say that Hawaii is like “paradise”, it truly is. In this blog, I will talk to you about my travel to the island of Oahu in Hawaii!

aloha hawaii

Hawaii is one of the 50 states and is located in the Pacific Ocean in between the main land United States of America and the continent of Asia. Hawaii has 6 main islands with Oahu having the biggest city. The island of Oahu has quite a rich history behind it since it is where Pearl Harbour is located where the war happened between the US and the Japanese during world war 2 in December 7 1941.

So in this trip, I went to Hawaii to visit my father’s side of the family who live in Honolulu. My grandparents, aunts, and cousins all live there and moved from the Philippines in the 1990’s. They are so lucky to be living in such a beautiful and tropical place and I am fortunate to have a family there to welcome me and my family with open arms.

hawaiian family

Above is a picture of some of our family members in Hawaii. There’s my two sisters who travelled with me; Angeli on the left, and Ate (word used in the Filipino culture to address older sister/cousin) Kaye on the right with flowers around her neck. The two cool dudes behind is James “Jett” standing on the far left of the picture throwing the “shaka” and the other dude is Manong “meeeeeeeenong” (word used to address older cousin/brother) Jonathan. Both are my cousins who were born in New York City and moved to Hawaii when they were tinie tiny lil kids! And last but not least… I introduce you our ever so adorable grandparents who we love so dearly!

During our few weeks stay in Oahu, we did so many fun filled activities that have become such a memorable experience for me and my siblings. However, there was nothing more special than spending quality time with our family in Hawaii since we don’t really see them that often especially our cute grandparents!

There’s more Hawaiian blogs coming, so make sure to check them out to see what different types of activities you can possibly do when you get the chance to visit the island of Oahu!


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