Hallo! Wie gehts? Welcome to Germany blog! So me and my friend from university ; Noman met up one day in Central London to catch up over shisha in Canary Wharf. We spoke about how we’ve not gone on holiday together before and how we should do it as soon as possible! This was where our spontaneous trip started, whilst we were catching up, we both looked at possible flights out to Germany via SkyScanner. We saw that return flights to Berlin, Germany was £46.68! We thought it was a bargain and thought, “hmm why not? Let’s YOLO it” and so we decided to get the tickets and took a flight from London Stansted Airport to Berlin Schonefeld. We were in Germany for 3 days 2 nights. It was my first time ever visiting Germany and it was a homecoming for my friend Noman who is a German national himself. It felt good to know that Noman speaks fluent German himself and so it wasn’t as hard to getting around when asking the locals for directions, so thanks for making the trip a little easier on me bro! 😉

As soon as we got to Berlin airport, we hopped onto the local train line which brought us to the city center. We went around Alexanderplatz and Potsdamerplatz and many other places. One of the main places we visited during this trip was the Brandenburg gate.

Brandenburg gate

The Brandenburg gate is one of the most famous landmarks in the whole of Germany and is located at the heart of Berlin. It was built in the late 1780’s and was completed in 1791 ordered by then the Prussian King Frederick William II. It was such a cool experience in getting to witness history beneath your eyes and learning about it whilst I was there made the trip to the Brandenburg gate even more special.

Besides the trip to the gate, we also went and took some pictures of Fernsehturm Berlin which is a television tower.

television tower

The television tower is located close to Alexanderplatz and was constructed between 1965 to 1969 with the height of 1207 feet (around 367 metres).

Since I am an avid sports fan and so was Noman, we had to go and visit the Olympiastadion which is currently the home stadium of Bundesliga football club; Hertha Berlin.


This stadium has a seating capacity of 74,475. The Olympiastadion was originally built for the olympics in 1936 and was also used in the 2006 FIFA World Cup. It was such a wonderful experience seeing yet another landmark in Germany, however it would have been better if we got to touring round the actual stadium but unfortunately we couldn’t because we had our luggages with us on the way home to the UK so I would strongly advice that when visiting the Olympiastadion; go and pack light!

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