Flight to Beijing

Coffee Break in Beijing, China

It was such a cool experience finally getting to step foot in China; one of the world’s biggest countries with a rich history. Even though I didn’t get to actually venture out around the city of Beijing since it’s a short stop to get to the Philippines, it gave me enough time to catch a glimpse of what China has to offer.

Beijing airport fountain

To start with this long trip to the Philippines via transfer in Beijing, China, I flew from London Heathrow Airport where I usually travel from on international flights likewise with my trip to Hawaii and Abu Dhabi. The total flight time from London to Beijing was around 10 hours so it was a very long flight! I flew with Air China where they offered decent prices to go back home to the Philippines via SkyScanner.

I honestly did not know what to expect heading into Beijing. Before I got there, I thought that the weather would be warm just like in the Philippines. I was wrong. I got off the plane around lunch time in China and little did I know was that when I stepped out the plane, a sudden gush of cold winds brushed through my face. I checked the temperature and it was 4 degrees centigrade! Which was basically the same temperatures in the UK.

Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) is one of the most largest and busiest airports in the world with an estimated of 95 million passengers passing through the airport annually according to the International Airport Review. My layover in Beijing was a total of around 6 hours; originally I was supposed to stay for only 3 hours but due to delayed flights, the timings got pushed back. It was the perfect time to walk around the airport and see what they had going on!

chinese temple

It was such a shame that I didn’t get to go around the city of Beijing but this made it up for me, there was this Chinese Pavilion I came across and it really sunk in that, ” Oh my!!! I’m in China?!” The vibe was just so different with Chinese announcements in the background, it really gave me a small glimpse of what China is like.

China coffee

My brief trip to China was definitely a very good taster as to what is expected of this country and I would definitely try and visit again in the near future. I will catch you guys in the Philippines in my next travel blog! Be on the lookout for some sunshine, food, and amazing tropical pictures coming your way, you wouldn’t want to miss this! 😉

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