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An Evening At The Dubai Marina Yacht Club

I stayed in the United Arab Emirates for around a month and it is fair to say that it has been one of the most unforgettable experiences I have ever had in my life. Coming from a normal family and suddenly witnessing and feeling what it is like to be literally living like royalty is something special and not many people get a chance to experience. This is why I am so forever humbled and thankful for the opportunities that God has presented me in life so far. It has been quite crazy to say the least.

Anyways, one of the days that I was staying in the UAE, my friends knocked on my door to ask if I wanted to go to Dubai with them. Obviously since it was my first time travelling there, I had to grab the opportunity to finally go to one of the most talked about places in the world, Dubai! So I asked them what we were going to do in Dubai that evening, they casually answer, “oh we’re just gonna look at yachts and possibly get one”. At that point, I was just so excited into finally getting the chance to getting in one of those boats since it has been one of my dreams to get into one and just take pictures and see what it feels like to get into one of them.

So that evening we travelled to the Dubai Marina Yacht Club. This place is a clubhouse with many bars, lounges, and restaurants to eat from. With that of course is the chance to also look at the yacht’s for sale at the marina where hospitable staff of the club will gladly welcome you.

Dubai Marina Yacht Club

But of course in this specific evening, our objective was to look at yachts which we did. The following are pictures of the yacht we specifically looked at. This yacht was priced at around 4-5 million Emirati dirhams which is equivalent to around £1 million British pounds sterling or $1.3 million US dollars. I am not 100% sure of which model this was but it was certainly a luxurious looking boat.

Dubai yacht

This yacht had a front room and had 3 rooms with the master bedroom looking the most beautiful in my opinion! Check this out:

yacht living room

yacht master bedroom

The lights under the bed and and the exterior of the wall behind the bed makes this master bedroom look so elegant!

Overall, this evening was definitely one to remember where it was the day I finally got to experience what it was like being inside a yacht. It was such a super cool feeling that I couldn’t describe how to sum up my emotions, it felt kind of magical to say the least!

dubai yacht chilling

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