Yoo what’s up guys? Nico here! Welcome to my lifestyle blog section of my website. I think it’s time to finally get this thing up and running now!

Expect to see a lot of cool random pictures and information of places, foods, restaurants, mens grooming and all that good stuff in this section. 

I love travelling, fitness, meeting and networking with people from all walks of life, as well as pretty much a little bit of everything in between to be honest with you. I have recently just graduated from university and ever since I have been travelling all around the world and so in this lifestyle section I hope to give you guys tips and advice on how to make life perhaps a little easier for yourselves with regards to travelling or any aspects of life so watch out for those special contents coming up. So far, I have travelled to places such as:

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Manila
  • Hawaii
  • Berlin

And many more places with planned upcoming destinations for the next year so would be cool to have you guys aboard with me.


So here we are on the 23rd of December 2017, 2 days before Christmas and I find myself sitting in my front room about to start sharing all that good good and cool cool I have going on with life. I hope that you will find the upcoming blogs to be enjoyable and informative to read. 

Thanks for dropping by, let’s get started! Shall we? 🙂 

Let’s kick things off with a few top tips of how to start living that good lifestyle post-graduation:

  1. Take a chill pill and be patient. The early twenties is a point of time in our lives where some of us are still finding our way into the world of work or are still learning. There will be endless opportunities coming to you so don’t panic when you’ve not quite secured the job you’ve always dreamt about doing. It will come but it will just take some time, hard work, and perseverance to reach that goal. Keep your eyes on the prize! I believe in you. It will all eventually fall into place.
  2. Whenever possible, try and travel as much as you can because remember that once you have started a full time job, your time will be limited and so you won’t be as flexible as you were before. Take advantage of every travelling opportunity that comes.
  3. During the early twenties, we tend to run into some struggles in life that we as young adults must face ourselves. Whenever these tough challenges arise, always think positive and believe that there is always a reason behind whatever it is that you are going through. Furthermore, having a strong and positive mindset will also attract positive energy in your life that could lead you into far greater heights that you would have never imagined


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