Sustaining the level of your fitness can be at times be very difficult to maintain given the different circumstances. After graduating from university I did so much travelling after and of course, part of travelling is to try out different cuisines of the places I went to. However, the fitness aspect of my lifestyle took a massive hit on the travelling I was doing since I was unsure as to how I should balance them both. At first, I promised myself that I would at least do something active every day during my travels and control my food intake. As people always say, “it is easier said than done”, and in this situation I failed miserably. My previous weight from when I started travelling was around 85 kgs (kilograms) and by the end of my travelling year post graduation, I gained almost 10 kgs in weight. I felt sluggish, slow, and just not as on par as I was used to before. On top of things, the sudden loss of my grandfather back in 2017 did not help either, I would always be in deep thought and kind of started not to bother about myself and really had no clue in what direction I would go. I was literally a lost soul.

hawaii pose

Luckily, with the safe guidance of both my family and close friends, they have all helped me gradually stand back up on my feet. Now on the picture above was when I started to recover from what was all happening around me in 2017. This was when I realised that I had to stand back up again and get back on track with my fitness. I gradually went back into my training whilst visiting Hawaii and did more active things such as hiking and swimming along the beaches of Oahu!

Fitness is back

When I went back to England, I was training hard but never got the results I wanted and this was all because of my nutrition. I just couldn’t get myself to commit to a strict diet and eventually went to my old habits of being uncontrolled with food when I was in my teenage years as I also mentioned in my previous, “Fitness is a lifestyle” blogpost. I had to find a way to change things for the better.

Thankfully along with my travels over the years, I got to meet and network with many people along the way. Since most of my friends are also into fitness, I met some of their friends within their networking circle. This has paved way to meet my eventual coach in Nico Van Slyke back in 2014 through one of my friends; Allan Pang who I met back in London whilst he was still working there. Oh and by the way both of them have competed so if you want to see some aesthetics, make sure you go check their instagram accounts out 😉 . Nico is a certified trainer with a bachelors in Kinesiology and has passion and drive to help others reach what ever health goals they may have. He has worked with a diverse range of clients from celebrities to royalties abroad.

At the start of 2018, Nico co-founded the N2 Fit Challenge with his buddy; Nick Carullo who is a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer for Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercise. Likewise with Nico, Nick is passionate and addicted to help fulfilling other people’s health goals. As soon as I found out about this, I had to snap up the opportunity to have the provisional guidance from credible professionals in Nico and Nick. I am so excited to be under their guidance along this journey and I am looking forward to getting lean and mean for the summer! Let’s get it!

n2 fit challenge poster


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