From my previous post, “Losing Weight – My Fitness Setback” is where I introduced you on what actions I will take in order for me to lose weight. I eventually acknowledged and told myself that things were starting to get out of hand with my weight gain and I need to do something to stop this. As all of us as individuals, we all have our wants and needs in life and how we want to take actions on different things. In my fitness aspect part of my lifestyle, I found out myself from previous experiences that weighing everything I ate back then was never going to workout for me because I found it just too restricting for my liking. Another thing that would stunt my weight loss before was that I did not know what types of exercises or set meal plans would be beneficial for my cause and was basically doing the wrong things to get the most out my weight loss progression. I don’t want to approach coaches who could care less about what their clients are up to during their programs and just make a quick buck, I want someone to constantly check up on me every now and then to make sure I am on the right track and to provide motivation whenever needed.

Thankfully, the “N2 Fit Challenge” has truly met all the expectations I ideally look for in these types of fitness programs. Nowadays, it’s not often you purchase a product or a service and continuously receive more and more of the product and in this sense, the “N2 Fit Challenge” does not fail to do this! I am just starting out my 3rd week into this program and day by day, week by week, our coaches never fails to introduce us to something new that we can incorporate into our fitness program which is very helpful for others like me who can get stuck on just one specific exercise plan and be content with it which won’t let me maximise my full weight loss potential without mixing and changing things up. The professional coaches of this program does indeed give real value to their clients and really care for them. It’s been a solid 2 weeks in this program, and its fair to say that I am loving each and every day of it and I am starting ! They have made the program fun and challenging at the same time by showing us different workouts every day, week in week out of the program along with nutritional tips!

You’re probably wondering who these amazing coaches are, let me introduce you to them:

Nico Van Slyke

nico van slyke fitness

Nick Carullo

nick carullo fitness

Nico and Nick have the common goal of informing people about the importance of a healthy active lifestyle and to continuously educate you with value as you progress. Both Nico and Nick are determined to help you get the results you want whether it is for fat loss, muscle endurance, strength, or just burn stubborn fat. This program is for anyone from the beginner to the advanced person who uses the gym as part of their active lifestyle. If these are some things you are thinking of doing to achieve your health goals then I would definitely recommend the “N2 Fit Challenge” where they will provide you undivided attention whenever you need them to help.

Due to the actual challenge starting on the 8th of January 2018 until the 8th of February 2018, everyone who signs up will no longer be eligible for the cash prizes for the best transformations. However, you can still purchase the program without the challenge. To find more information about the “N2 Fit Challenge” click here.

Lastly, are you ready to be in the best shape of your lives? If so, let’s do this all together guys! It’s never too late. Self discipline, determination and consistency is key. No more excuses, 2018 will be our year! Let’s go!!

n2 fit challenge flyer


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  1. This is amazing brother! Thank you so much for this! I’m so glad you are doing this and enjoying the journey along the way! Keep inspiring!

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