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What’s up guys? Even though this website is still pretty new and i’ve already put some information on here about myself, I thought that I would share with you one of my hobbies that has helped me dramatically with my life in recent years. As you have probably hinted out from the blog title already, I am a fitness fanatic! However, when I was a little kid I was never into fitness.

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My love for fitness truly started when I was around 14 years old back in high school. I did however participate in many sports activities such as rugby, basketball, tennis, and badminton to name some. Despite participating in many sports activities in my teen years, I was never a fit and gym type of person who would have a set routine and meal plan to go by to achieve my health goals. I was always the type of person who would not care at all about my figure and what types of foods I was eating but besides that, there was always some form of backlash from other people back in the day on how fat I used to be. I had other kids laughing at me calling me “fat”, “a pig”, and all the “delightful” words you can possibly think off 😉

Nonetheless, I managed to shrug off all them negative comments back then but it came to a certain point in time where I started to feel that I had to change something in the way I ate and participated in activities. Coming from a family with diabetic genes running in our blood, a change in lifestyle was needed. I have found out that making sudden changes to the way you eat and live on a daily basis is something that will never be efficiently done unless you do things gradually, so for me when I finally decided that I wanted to be healthier, I didn’t drastically change my eating habits the next day to eating all green vegetables and all the good stuff for the body, I started off by controlling my food intake and watching the types of food I consumed. I was doing this for a good month or two and then signed up to my local gym and was gradually increasing the intensity of my workouts as weeks and months went by.


In the fitness world, there is no quick fix when it comes to losing weight or gaining muscle, it is simply hard work, discipline, and consistency. Back in 2011 I realised myself that it was time to change my lifestyle in order to live a healthy and better life in the hope of avoiding health complications in the long run, it was not easy to say the least. It took me a lot of determination and sacrifices whilst I was on my fitness grind! This is my fitness journey.

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