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Hi! I’m Kyle but I prefer to be called by my second name; Nico. Welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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Thanks to my Uncle Redd Ochoa for the photography!

I am from the United Kingdom but moved here when I was a tiny 6 year old. I am originally from the Philippines and we moved out here in Europe to have a better life and I cannot thank God and my parents enough for giving me and my siblings endless opportunities in life by moving out here.

I have many hobbies which are travelling, trying out new foods, learning different cultures, meeting new people, playing and watching sports such as basketball and I also try to keep myself fit and healthy by going to the gym. Along with these hobbies, I speak a variety of languages of different levels where by I can speak Tagalog (the national language of the Philippines) and English fluently, I know some basic Spanish, and I am currently learning Arabic ever since my frequent trips to the Middle East.

So I am 22 years of age and I am a recent university graduate with a degree in International Business from the University of Greenwich in London. Ever since during my academic years at school, I always wished about travelling all around the place once education is all said and done. Here we are in 2017, and I can finally say that wished has finally come to fruition. Over the past year, I have travelled around Europe, North America, and Asia with more trips planned within the coming year. I envision myself to be travelling and working at the same time wherever I go in the near future and I want you guys to be a part of this adventure, let’s make this happen!

I am so glad you’ve stopped by and I hope you come along to follow my travels, let’s explore the world!

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